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Black Bear Lifesize Mount

North American & Exotic Game Taxidermy Services

Dear fellow Sportsmen, we welcome you to Great Bear Taxidermy, Central Minnesota's premiere taxidermy service for authentic wildlife artistry. Our professional taxidermy studio located between Long Prairie and Osakis, MN is dedicated to producing creative, custom pieces of the highest quality.


Having spent a lifetime studying the habitats, behaviors, and physical anatomy of animals, birds, and fish from around the world, we provide a truly diverse set of taxidermy skills. Our expertise enables us to not only recreate trophies that are true to form and color but also true to movement and natural habitat.


Our experienced taxidermy services include:


Established in 1976, Great Bear Taxidermy operates with 35 plus years of taxidermy experience. Our team of talented and detail-oriented artists is dedicated to reproducing dynamic life-like trophy mounts that reach extraordinary creativity levels no matter the animal type, species or size. Today we are recognized as a worldwide service provider for carefully designed and sculpted taxidermy art.


  • Licensed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to import hunting trophies
  • Officially approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to receive restricted animals if all paperwork is in order


African Taxidermy Services

For potential taxidermy services related to African and exotic species, please contact us well in advance of your safari so we can assist you with obtaining proper permits, necessary shipping instructions, etc.


A Word About Pricing

Price shopping is always a smart idea. But, it should not take top-priority when it comes to finding the best taxidermy expert. Keep in mind that you are purchasing someone's talents to recreate your trophy into a dynamic piece of wildlife art. It is important that you preview and study a taxidermist's prior work - view online portfolios if possible and be sure to visit the shop's actual showroom. In the end, price should only be one factor in your decision.


Wood Work

As a professional taxidermist we offer custom wood working, and have the ability to create any type of cabinetry. From simple frames to fully functional cabinets and dioramas, we can take your mount from lifeless to lifelike, complete with its own enclosed wildlife setting. We also offer on-site trophy installation. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a visit to view our showroom.


Turn Around Time

At Great Bear Taxidermy we always offer a timely 6-10 month completion time.

African Game Head Mount